ID: 1020
Title: Automatic Review of Leader
Contact: brandonvale
Sponsoring Riding: 35091 - Sarnia—Lambton
Co-Sponsoring Ridings: Souris—Moose Mountain,Langley—Aldergrove
Resolution Type: MODIFICATION
Submission Status:

10.8 In the event of any of the following, National Council shall implement the leadership selection process at the earliest convenient date thereafter:

10.8.1   the death or retirement of the Leader;

10.8.2 the Leader indicates an intention to resign by submitting notice in writing to the President of National Council;

10.8.3 more than fifty percent (50%) of the votes cast at a national convention by members as provided for in Article 10.7 are in favour of engaging the leadership selection process.


The leadership of the party needs to be accountable to the grassroots members of the party. These changes will help to ensure that following an unsuccessful election, the grassroots members of the party are empowered to ensure that the leader is subject to a review of their leadership in a timely manner. If the grassroots members lack confidence in the leader, this process will ensure that the process to find a new leader begins in a timely manner to ensure stability within the party.

Translation of Submission:

10.8 Si l’une des situations suivantes se produit, l’Exécutif national met en œuvre le processus de sélection du chef au moment le plus opportun:

10.8.1 le décès ou le départ à la retraite du chef;

10.8.2 le chef indique son intention de démissionner par un avis écrit au président de l’Exécutif national;

10.8.3 plus de cinquante pour cent (50 %) des voix exprimées par les membres en vertu des dispositions de l’article 10.7, sont en faveur de lancer le processus de sélection du chef.

EDA Voted: Yes

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