Title: Constitutional Proposal Regarding Membership on NPC and NCC
Contact: Bill Ayyad
Sponsoring Riding: 35064 - Nepean
Co-Sponsoring Ridings:
Resolution Type: NEW
Submission Status:

13.3 Members of the National Policy Committee elected as
per sub-sections 13.2.4 and 13.2.5 shall not serve concurrently
as members of the National Constitutional Committee
established under section 16.5.
The existing sections 13.3 to 13.8 to be renumbered.


The virtual Convention held in 2021 rejected a
proposal to amalgamate the National Policy Committee and
National Constitution Committee. Obviously, it was the intent of
the Convention that the two committees operate independently
in pursuing their purpose. Having members serving on both
committees at the same time compromises this intent.

Translation of Submission:
EDA Voted: Yes