ID: 887
Title: Combatting All Forms Of Racial Discrimination (One Human Race)
Contact: Raphael Chang
Sponsoring Riding: 35003 - Aurora—Oak Ridges—Richmond Hill
Co-Sponsoring Ridings: Whitby,Guelph,Windsor West,Souris—Moose Mountain,Richmond Hill
Resolution Type: MODIFICATION
Submission Status:

2.1.6 A belief in the value and dignity of all human life and the existence of only one human race.


As conservatives, we believe that individuals should be judged on merit, free from discrimination and racism. We reject the notion that Canadians should be divided by arbitrary characteristics such as skin, hair or eye colour. Instead, we seek to unite our citizens as Canadians. 

(Note that this resolution does not conflict with treaties that have been signed with First Nations. These treaties have been signed with First Nations tribes, not based on "race".)

“Trudeau divides to distract from all that is broken after 8 years in power. I will unite Canada for hope.” -Pierre Poilievre, Feb 17, 2023

“Woke has one purpose… … control. It is designed to divide people by race, by gender, by ethnicity, by religion, by vaccine status and any other way that they can divide people into groups. “ -Pierre Poilievre Mar 31, 2023

Translation of Submission:

2.1.6 La croyance en la valeur et la dignité de toute vie humaine et la croyance en  l'existence d'une seule race humaine.


En tant que conservateurs, nous pensons que les individus doivent être jugés sur leurs propres mérites, sans discrimination ni racisme. Nous rejetons l'idée que les Canadiens devraient être divisés par des caractéristiques arbitraires telles que la couleur de la peau, des cheveux ou des yeux. Au contraire, nous cherchons à unir nos citoyens en tant que Canadiens.

EDA Voted: Yes

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