ID: 913
Title: 5. Board of Directors ,Quorum and voting
Contact: John Lamberink
Sponsoring Riding: 35113 - Wellington—Halton Hills
Co-Sponsoring Ridings: Souris—Moose Mountain,South Surrey—White Rock
Resolution Type: MODIFICATION
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5. A quorum of the Board of Directors is a majority (50 + 1) four tenths (4/10) of the Directors.


RATIONALE: Allowing four tenths (4/10) of the E.D.A. Directors to achieve quorum is unrealistic when
dealing with Finances and or Policy. The Quorum should be the same for the E.D.A. as it is for the E.d.A.
Executive and the National Council. In areas where travel is a concern, Virtual meetings are an option.
8.18 A quorum of National Council is a majority of national Council

Translation of Submission:

5. Le quorum du conseil d'administration est constitué par la majorité (50 + 1) des quatre dixièmes
(4/10) des administrateurs.

EDA Voted: Yes

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