Title: Annual Party Budget to be approved by National Council (which includes the Leader)
Contact: Peter Fermor
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Co-Sponsoring Ridings: Calgary Signal Hill
Resolution Type: MODIFICATION
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9.3     Conservative Fund Canada shall submit the annual budget of the Party to National Council for consultation approval prior to adoption and implementation by Conservative Fund Canada. and shall consult with National Council prior to authorizing or implementing substantial amendments to the budget.  

Conservative Fund Canada shall provide to National Council the annual CPC draft Budget, together with all supporting documentation, at least seven (7) days in advance so National Council can complete a thorough review of the Budget prior to a vote to approve or amend the Budget. Conservative Fund Canada shall not provide funding for activities or programs within the areas of responsibility of National Council unless such activities or programs have been unless approved by National Council.


These changes assure that our elected National Council, which includes our Leader, will be able to properly review the budget proposals made by Conservative Fund Canada, before adoption of the budget.

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EDA Voted: Yes